Hi Everyone, so I'm really irritated with my MIL. Everytime she comes over she is always comparing my LO to another relative's baby that is a few weeks younger than mine. Today we were telling her how excited we were that our LO one is able to pull himself up to a sitting position and all she could say is how the other baby is already crawling (which I already know since she told me last week). Everytime the other baby achieves a milestone she always has to call me up and tell me about it and asks if my LO has achieved it as well. When she comes and visits and plays with LO she will try to "encourage" LO by telling him how he should be doing this or that since the other baby is already doing it and is younger than him. It's so annoying. I didn't realize my LO was competing in a race. I'm getting to the point that I just want to tell her something, but I don't want to create a big problem. Anyone else dealing with this? Any advice. Sorry for the long post.