Has anyone else had to do this? I'm dreading it My daughter is almost 3 and has suffered from chronic constipation for about a year. I personally suffer from IBS with constipation and diarrhea since I was 15, so I thought I could handle her problems. She's been on Miralax, milk of magnesia, fiber supplements, and probiotics, which seemed to keep her regular in the past, but things have gotten really bad in the last two weeks. Nothing is working besides glycerin suppositories. She's had two in the past week and a half. She last had a glycerin suppository on 10/26 (after not pooping for 5 days), which cleaned her out, but hasn't pooped since then. I've given her 3 tablespoons of Miralax and 25 ml of Milk of Magnesia in the past 24 hours and still no bowel movement. I'm just dreading doing another glycerin suppository tomorrow night because she was kicking and screaming as I inserted the last one

We're going to start the cleanout on 11/1 and I just feel so bad for her because I know how much it is going to suck. Her doctor explained that her colon and large intestines have probably stretched out and aren't as elastic as it should be, so her poop has to be really soft. My husband is being a bit of a jerk about it. He was asking me questions tonight in an accusatory tone like why did this happen, how abnormal this is, how safe is Miralax, and interjecting that he doesn't want her to be on medicine everyday. I asked him how he would like to fix the problem, and of course he had no answer. I also asked if he wanted to go to the doctors with me next time and again NO ANSWER. . He works like 80+ hours a week, and I work about 34 hours, so I'm home with the kids more often . After spending two hours at the doctor's office today with my toddler and baby, I didn't expect to be grilled at home by him. Ugh, I'm just really annoyed with him right now.

Sorry for getting sidetracked. I just feel that i'm torturing my daughter with the enemas and now a bowel cleanout. Those are horrible enough for adults. I called my mom from the doctor's office crying Granted, this is kind of minor as far as health issues go., but it's definitely impacting her quality of life at the moment.