I had a miscarriage yesterday. They said I need to come back in a couple days for bloodwork to confirm my levels are dropping as expected, and that we can start trying again as soon as I feel up to it (unless we are concerned about dating ovulation with certainty, in which case we should wait a cycle.)

Just curious what the physical recovery will be like - when does the bleeding stop? I also have a splitting headache and am completely exhausted (but I’m sure the late night in the hospital is contributing to that).

I am so sad. I am actually kind of surprised at just how upset I am - I know it was early, I know it’s so common, etc. People keep saying we can try again and there’s nothing we could have done and I know all that is true - but I am just so, so sad for THIS baby that we will never get to meet. I took today off but have to go back to work tomorrow and it just feels so strange to go back like everything is normal (I hadn’t told anyone at work yet).

Has anyone tried again without waiting a cycle after a miscarriage? We don’t really feel a need to wait but what’s the best thing to do - get some ovulation tests to try to find our window?

Thanks for any advice.