I have always been petite and very thin. As in 5'3" and 93lbs.. I am *that* tiny Asian girl.

My first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. people around me even before I got pregnant advised me to gain weight before having kids but honestly it is just very hard for me to gain weight and I eat really well!

We saw an RE after my second miscarriage who basically suggested I take progesterone for my next pregnancy.

Meanwhile all the older Asian ladies around me suggested bedrest for the next pregnancy.

So when I got pregnant the third time I took progesterone and I was on bedrest for the first trimester... And my son was born healthy and strong 5 days early.

After my son was born I totally went back to my 93lb self even though I was really hoping after giving birth I would be a bit heavier!

Now I am pregnant again and I took progesterone and was on a modified bed rest (as much rest as possible with a young toddler...)

I passed my 12 week mark but I was wondering- do I need to be this careful every pregnancy??? I know western doctors will say no, but Im curious to know the perspective of eastern and Asian medicine folks..

We do want a third maybe even fourth child so if you or anyone you know has gone through anything similar I would love to hear... Thanks!