I should be 9 weeks but found out baby stopped developing around 6 weeks. I went in for spotting. I started cramping on Thursday night--it has been sporadic and I haven't passed anything....still just red spotting. I'm supposed to go in on Monday again.

Curious to know if I will be offered the choice between misiprostol and a D&C or if the loss was early enough Dr. will want me to start with misiprostol. Please weigh in if you have experience.

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact the pregnancy ended a 3 weeks ago but my body hasn't recognized it. With DD I went to 41+ weeks, and my labor needed to be augmented with Pitocin. Makes me worried misiprostol might not be totally effective and I'll end up with a D&C anyway. Perhaps this isn't totally rational, but I feel stuck in purgatory.

ETA: I feel like my comparison of my full term labor to this experience made no sense! Basically, my body has shown it is extremely stubborn!