How long did mollescum last? Did you treat? If so, what was it?

DD (age 6) has had mollescum for over a year. We got a referral from her ped to see a dermatologist. She recommended treating with acid. They scab up and then are hopefully gone or you treat again. We tried this, but DD was miserable. Her mollescum is behind her legs but also between her butt/vagina area. She was in so much pain, crying to go to the bathroom, etc. It was terrible. The derm recommended another treatment bc some of the spots were still there. We said no bc of how traumatic it was. But, now its been almost a year later and the mollescum are coming back like crazy. I'm noticing way more spots on her legs behind her knees and she still has a lot by her butt/vagina area. Are there any other treatment options that have worked?!?! Help!!