My husband and I are super infertile - our oldest son (currently 6) is adopted and our youngest was conceived via donor embryos/IVF (1.5). We’ve been married almost 9 years and never gotten pregnant naturally. I was late this month and took a pregnancy test on a whim. Shocked to discover I must be 5-6 weeks pregnant.

I am terrified and had never really considered having a third. I have no desire to be pregnant or have a newborn. My husband works a weird schedule and I solo parent roughly half of the week. I just got a huge promotion and feel so guilty taking yet another maternity leave. Financially, we *can* swing it, but it’ll mean cutting back in ways we did not plan to. I’m sad for my boys and feel guilty that our money, time, and attention will be spread even more thin. I’m also worried about how this will impact my oldest’s feelings around his adoption - if he will feel like the odd one out because I didn’t give birth to him.

I know many of you are moms of three (or more). Any advice? Is it going to be ok? I’m so upset and feel bad that this miracle happened and I’m not at all happy about it.