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  1. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: my LO wasn't super interested in the pack either, but we did start bottle feeding at 34. It was very slow going, but eventually he got it. Maybe you can start just one time a day a bit sooner?

    @mrs. 64: that sucks that surgery was such a big setback! But it sounds like everything is on the mend? Good luck with bfing. Yes it's so exciting, but it was also so difficult...I think I'll write a little post. We were in for 143 days, so try to beat that! I bet she can!

    @littleredhairedgrl: so glad bottles are working! 11oz is awesome

  2. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    So just FYI...feeding was our biggest issue. I tried bfing. I wanted to so badly, but pumping, trying to bf (dry breast at first, then not dry, but couldn't be too full either), and then bottle feeding was the most stressful thing I've ever dealt with. It was so hard for me to give up on bfing because it didn't feel fair...I even tried after we came home, but in the end I realized it was more me that wanted it and it wasn't best for him. Just sharing to acknowledge how tricky this part of the journey is.

    I hope all of you are able to feed however you want, but just prepare yourself...

    This was my blog post about it: http://babymakingmerrygoround.blogspot.com/2013/03/breast-is-best-but-is-it.html?m=1

    Big hugs to all of you. It sounds like all the babies are doing so well!

  3. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @Mrs Green Grass: Thanks for sharing your blog post about feedings. I feel like sometimes I am in this grey area with bottle-feeding expressed breastmilk.. I am glad to be able to give A my milk, but I'm not in the formula category or the bfing category either and I do feel judgement even tho she is getting my milk. I would've LOVED to nurse - my goal in my head before A was born was at least 6 months but hopefully a year and the reality is that it's just not possible with her. She's just not strong enough to get what she needs from the bbs.. I've come to terms with it, but when I talk about our reflux issues I get questions about why I'm not nursing.. Urgh.

    Sometimes I just feel so isolated from other moms because I'm the mom of a 30 weeker. I appreciate the advice, but so much of it just doesn't apply to us and I have a lot of trouble relating. It's so helpful to hear success stories of some of the older preemies on this board. The HB community has helped me so much.

    At least A is starting to smile a lot now. Melts my heart

    @mrs. 64: how did everything go last night?

  4. mrs. 64

    nectarine / 2936 posts

    @littleredhairedgrl: Just okay. The night before we tried with an empty breast and she latched well and sucked for a while. Last night she just seemed too tired. She would latch but pop right off. Hopefully our next try will go better.

  5. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @littleredhairedgrl: I totally get it. I EP'd and had plenty of milk, but still gave formula and it was hard to explain to people! The only thing that matters is that she's gaining weight.

    @mrs. 64: Good luck! Slow starts are to be expected - just try to enjoy the time.

  6. psw27

    pomelo / 5220 posts

    Hi preemie moms! Just popping in to HB for the first time since LO was born. He arrived 4 weeks ago at 34w4d and we have been home for 2 weeks. I am so happy to see this board, I have been struggling to relate with my friends with full term babies who don't quite understand the stress of the nicu and having a preemie. xo.

  7. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @psw27: hi and welcome to the group! glad to hear your lo is doing well and you didn't have too long a nicu stay. how are you adjusting to being home?

    question for the group: so I want to start A in mommy and me music classes at a place near us. they can start going at 4 months and she'll be 4 months on the 14th. but she'll developmentally be 9 weeks old. do you think I should hold off until she's at the point where she can be at a similar level with other babies?

  8. mrs. 64

    nectarine / 2936 posts

    @psw27: Welcome! Glad baby is at home with you now!

    @littleredhairedgrl: That's a good question. Can you try it out and see how she does or is it not a drop in kind of situation?

  9. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @mrs. 64: yeah I think I can do that

  10. psw27

    pomelo / 5220 posts

    @littleredhairedgrl: thank you! We are adjusting well, or as well as can be expected. I'm a first time mom so there is a lot to learn!

    @mrs. 64: thank you!

  11. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @psw27: Welcome and congrats on having your LO at home!

    @littleredhairedgrl: agree to try it out and see... Let's be honest those classes are really for the mommies at first anyway

  12. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    just signed up for a 3-class intro for A. we start next wednesday just hoping that she's not completely passed out when I arrive at class (this little lady does not like to be woken from her beauty sleep)

  13. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    @psw27: welcome!! These ladies are a great resource.
    @littleredhairedgrl: let me know how the classes go. I am looking into them but I am just not sure about it. People in my area are a little odd. I am a little chicken.

  14. psw27

    pomelo / 5220 posts

    Thank you all I'm sure I will have lots of questions soon! I can't believe our little nugget is already a month old! Time flues!

  15. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    Last time I posted, I said that the doctor was talking about waiting until 34 or possibly even 35 weeks to even try a bottle. There's 2 doctor's at my NICU and the other one (who is a little more aggressive) was on this last week and he decided at 33w4d that E should try a bottle just to see what he would do. He automatically took the bottle and drank a whole ounce on the first try in 20 min! It was amazing! He's been upping how many he's taking, and today was his first day to try all of his feedings with a bottle. He couldn't take the whole feeding every time in the bottle, so they put the rest of it down his NG tube. He's done pretty good! We're so proud of his progress!

  16. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: that's fantastic progress! Congrats!!

  17. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    @Mrs Green Grass: Thank you! The end of our long NICU stay is starting to feel like it's in sight. (It's still going to be a little while though!)

    He's a 27 weeker. E is 7 weeks old and he's officially the oldest baby in the NICU. They tried to put him in an open crib yesterday, but he couldn't hold his temp up. He kept it for about 24 hours though! Which I think is pretty good for the first attempt off of the warmer. Once he's doing well on 8 bottles a day they're going to attempt the crib again. And he's rarely having any brady's and hasn't had any apnea in a long time.

  18. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: great news! So glad he took the bottle. At my NICU they told us almost every baby "fails" regulating their temp the first time out of the incubator... He'll get it soon! (This is beaker fyi).

  19. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: Thanks! Yes, they told us that, too. I was proud of him for even doing as well as he did. He just hit 4 lbs, so he was the smallest weight that they even try to move him. I've decided to go into every new thing thinking it's just practice, so that I don't feel sad if it doesn't work the first time. The NICU is definitely 2 steps forward 1 step back!

  20. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: great mindset!

  21. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: that's a great attitude I was kind of terrified when D moved to an open crib...it seemed so big and open! Do they put the top up on the isolette at all?

  22. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    @Mrs Green Grass: The isolette top doesn't open. He was in a Giraffe bed before the isolette and that top opened in case he needed to be intubated or things that like. They have small cribs for the little preemies that don't seem so big and scary!

  23. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: ah ok. That's good

  24. mrs. 64

    nectarine / 2936 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: Glad to hear things are going well!

    @Mrs. Tiger: So glad you are a blogger now! Really excited about your posts!

    @littleredhairedgrl: How did class go?

  25. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @mrs. 64: I get so excited everyone I see this thread pop up! How's everyone doing? We have Dylan's 2 year appt soon and are hoping he hit his goal of 20 lbs. in also freaking out about that nasty enterovirus that's circulating the country!

  26. mrs. 64

    nectarine / 2936 posts

    @Mrs Green Grass: Fingers crossed that he has reached his goal!! What size clothes is he wearing? I'm also worried about the enterovirus. Of course it is around the time when I'm about to bring her home! Grrr...

    Today is day 117. Little miss is on 3 bottles and 1 bf a day, but isn't ready to add any more POs. She seems perfectly comfy in the NICU. I, on the other hand, am beyond over it! We've had issues with her current resident not including me in rounds and I have no patience for that kind of thing at this point. The good news is she is now 5 lb 10 oz! Chunky monkey! I am coming to terms with the fact that we may not be home in September. Sigh.

  27. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @mrs. 64: thank you, that's so sweet! Glad lil miss is doing good! Nearly 6lbs is awesome! Does that mean she's getting her other feeds through the ng? Ugh with the residents. Hopefully she rotates out soon. It's so hard to get your heart set on a discharge goal and then slowly give it up... I hope you guys don't have too much longer.

    @Mrs Green Grass: fingers crossed for 20lbs!

    My D's bday was Sunday and I cheated his short gut diet and let him eat a cupcake which he loooved. I think he's trying to drop down to one nap which is hard!

  28. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @mrs. 64: the last stretch takes so long! But she is progressing so well! He can still fit in 6 month onesies and 3 month shorts! But he's in 18 month sleepers, getting there :).

  29. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    We got to breastfeed Monday! We've been getting to try it 2-3 times a day, and it's going really well. We did a weighted feed today and E ate 4 mL in about 10 minutes. He pops on and off a lot though since he's still figuring it all out. Not a ton, but at least he got some! The nurses said he's doing great since he would have been 35 weeks gestational age on Monday when he started. He also turned 8 weeks old today, and doubled his birth weight! He now weighs 4 lbs 4 oz! I'm so proud of him!

  30. PinkBee

    coffee bean / 38 posts

    I am so excited to see this board!

    My daughter, Little miss T, was born 6 weeks ago today at 34w4d. She was 5lbs 6oz at birth and was well developed for her gestational age. She had a short NICU stay for 3 days after she was born.

    She has been doing really well at home, she is breast fed and is gaining weight like a champ. Last week she was 7 lbs 14oz so she is probably around 8.5lbs now!!! And she is starting to go 3-4 hours between feeds which is a relief for me! It's so crazy to think I could still be pregnant now as her due date was this past Monday!!!

    My one struggle right now is weaning off the nipple shield. My NICU nurse have me one in the NICU because her mouth was so small and they wanted the latch to be easy for her! Well it has been, but here am I 6 weeks later and I don't know how to wean her off of it. Anyone have any experience weaning off a shield?

  31. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @mrs. 64: the class was great! the other babies were quite older than A but she still enjoyed the time and I was able to do most of the stretches and activities with her. Looking forward to going next week! Just super crazy about germs and don't love that she has her hands all over gym mats, but the place appears to be very clean and I'm sure they are careful to not want to spread germs.. So glad to here lo is doing great with her feeds and is almost 6lbs!!!! towards the end of our stay we were going nuts too. sorry to here about the issues with the resident.

    @Mrs Green Grass: wow 2yrs for D that's awesome!! enterovirus was just confirmed in NY too.. pretty scary. A will be getting the synergis vaccine soon which the nicu recommended since we are coming up on fall. just feel like I mine as well be a recluse till spring..

    @Mrs.ThinMint: that's awesome congrats!!!

    @PinkBee: A was only able to nurse with a shield and we ultimately just had to start EPing because she just wasn't getting enough. but our lc told us to try when she is super calm and somewhat full belly to bf without the shield so she wouldn't get too frustrated but still be able to feel what it's like without it. good luck!!

  32. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    Just wanted to post an update about E. He's 18 & 3/4 in long and 5 lbs 4 oz. He's eating and breathing great, but we've struggled with keeping his temp up. They're attempting to move him to a crib tonight again for his 3rd attempt. If we can get past this then we will probably get to go home soon. . .hopefully.

    We did get a little bad news though. He was jaundice and they ran a ton of tests. They're pretty sure he has galactosemia. We can't know for sure until 3 months after his last blood transfusion. He just had to get a blood transfusion last week, so it will probably be after the holiday's before we know for sure. Galactosemia means that he can't have any lactose because he doesn't have the enzymes to break it down, so it builds up in his liver and even his brain. It's very serious. He will have lifelong dietary restrictions. This is very upsetting because he's been on breast milk since he's been born, and we were just getting the hang of breastfeeding. We had to switch him to Alimentum formula. Since we couldn't do the tests for galactosemia, they put him on the Alimentum for 5 days and he got significantly better. Then we put him back on breast milk and he got much worse again. So, it's clearly the breast milk causing this. It's very sad. We got to breastfeed one last time and I cried the whole time. I have a ton of milk frozen in the deep freeze, so I'm going to keep it until we get the official diagnosis of galactosemia. If he does have it then I will donate all of my milk. At least other babies will get to benefit from it. I'm working on weaning now, which will probably take awhile because I have an oversupply. Any tips on weaning are welcome. I'm going to get on regular birth controls pills after my OB appointment tomorrow, and I've been taking Sudafed to dry up.

  33. ShayNanigans

    cherry / 245 posts

    Hello, everyone! I'm the mom of twin b/g micro-preemies, born in early August at 26 weeks exactly. So glad to find this board!

    My babies are about 8 weeks in to their NICU stay, and have about 4-6 weeks to go. They are so far doing great... still on nasal cannulas, but weaning. They are currently on feeding tubes but will start bottle feeding soon. Our daughter was born with an infection, but once that was handled, they've both avoided infection after that.

    Glad to get to know you ladies! We are still getting acclimated to our new normal, but things are going well, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

  34. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: I'm so sorry about the galactosemia. I know it's hard to give up on breastfeeding. My 1yo has short gut syndrome, which comes with a host of dietary restrictions (no sugar, not even fruit, no milk, eggs, etc) and he's been on Elecare. I hope your LO thrives with the formula, that makes it much easier to accept. I'm happy to chat more about any of this if it would be helpful, just wall me.

    @PinkBee: Welcome! I know someone on the boards (danizaur?) Just weaned off the shield, maybe she could help...

    @ShayNanigans: Welcome and congrats on your babies! I hope things keep looking up for them.

  35. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: sorry to hear about what your going thru. would going on an elimination diet help at all? is doing better in the crib since you last posted? thinking of you!

    @ShayNanigans: welcome! glad to hear your little ones are doing great!

    just a little update on A: she's now 20 weeks (11 adjusted) and as of last week she was up to 9lbs 13oz and averaging 1/2 an ounce a day (which our ped says she'd like to be more but I'm just glad to see that she's gaining, even if it is on the slower side). we are still on zantac and the mspi diet, along with no peanuts, tree nuts, soy and seafood and some days i find that i hardly even eat bc i have trouble finding something. but it's definitely helped with the feedings.

    A is now averaging 21 oz a day (up from 16 a few weeks ago!!) although lately she's only been eating with me and fights a lot at times. what seems to be working is feeding her standing up in the bathroom with the fan on and sometimes the water running.. feedings have become a guessing game/circus act for sure. but whatever works..

    i'm just so exhausted.. i can't even begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. i find i resent dh for being able to leave on business and have a full night sleep. i know it kills him that A won't eat with him, but at least he doesn't have all the pressure on him.. urgh.

    on a better note A rolled over 3 times last night! tummy to back on her left side. and is full of smiles which makes the feeding issues and lack of sleep much less troublesome. although sometimes i'll be fighting thru her crying to get her to eat and will pull the bottle away and get a huge smile and laugh.. little snot! lol

  36. Mrs.ThinMint

    apricot / 274 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: thank you! It's been very emotional and upsetting, but he's doing great on the Alimentum.

    @littleredhairedgrl: An elimination diet wouldn't help because no matter what I eat my milk will always have lactose in it. He doesn't have the enzymes to break it down, so it accumulates in his liver. The Alimentum he's on is sit based.

    But we have great news!!! After 76 days we are home from the NICU! We spent the night in q family room Wednesday night and brought E home yesterday. We are exhausted to say the least. He's having a hard time transitioning. He cried most of both nights. Hopefully, he will get used to being home soon though! It's so wonderful to have him all to ourselves!

  37. littleredhairedgrl

    persimmon / 1135 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: ohh ok I understand. AND oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS on coming home!!! What great news!! I'm sure he will get used to being home soon and you'll all settle in. Yay!

  38. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @littleredhairedgrl: A's progress sounds great! I remember those early days at home, you try something and it works once and then it doesn't work the next time and you're like "NOOOOO! I found the answer!" Hopefully you'll get in sync soon

    @Mrs.ThinMint: Congrats!! Home is big deal! DS2 was weirded out by home for a few days too. So happy for you all.

  39. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: congrats!!!!! It's quite an adjustment, but he's going to just take off!

    @ShayNanigans: welcome! I'm sorry you're hear but it sounds like your lo's are doing well. Don't hesitate to ask anything at all

  40. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    @Mrs.ThinMint: Hooray on being home!!!!
    @littleredhairedgrl: Glad to see little A is doing well! The baby grins are always awesome....
    @ShayNanigans: Welcome and congrats on your new little ones!

    Things are nuts here as usual. E just recently started army crawling and really wants to get a move on! Also just in the last couple of days has started to sit up all on his own! He isn't a fan of purees or cereal unless the purees are peaches. He also seems to like regular applesauce, not pureed apples. In fact most often the cereal comes right back up. Poor guy. I think that perhaps we have a minor soy intolerance in this poor guy. I am generally pretty good at staying away from soy in large amounts but lately I got lazy. Poor kid has been so spitty and miserable. So this momma can't have WCM or Soy or Almond milk. E also has cut three teeth in the last 2.5 weeks! We don't see the doctor until November, but they seemed pleased at this last visit about his development so I am just taking everything one day at time.

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