DS is 2.5 and starting preschool (3x/week) this fall...before this he’s been home with a nanny. We had DD at the end of June and his nanny has been out since then to have knee replacement surgery. We’ve spent much of that time in a neighboring state a couple hours from home where we have more family support and cousins to play with.

We always talked about moving late this fall or in the spring but it looks like we’ve found a really good deal on the perfect apartment so we’re likely going to have it from September 1, but will still have our old apartment for the month, so we have some flexibility.

My question is, when to move. I know this is a lot of transitions for DS! Should we rush to move by the teacher home visit and first day of school so that it’s all one big transition? Or wait until toward the end of the month until he’s a bit more settled at school (but not that settled—he’ll have had at most 3 weeks).

Would love thoughts especially if you moved with a toddler! He’s dealing with the new baby and everything else decently well and it helps that I don’t go back to work til end of October.