I’m so excited! In less than two months we will be moving cross country. After a family member got sick - we decided we can’t live so far from all of our family. We will be with an hour of some of both of our families. And more family plan to move that direction in the next year.

My question is we literally have to drive across the country - two vehicles, a 15 month old and a dog. I’ll be driving the baby and DH will have the dog. We’ve taken our kiddo across country to see our family member but she was younger, slept more and both of us were in the same vehicle. It wasn’t a bad trip at all. I am nervous about driving with her by myself as I know I will have to stop more.

Any ideas besides a rear seat mirror and tablet (which I have and will use at times)? I’m thinking maybe some new toys just for the trip that I can keep in the front seat to offer her, a cooler of drinks and snacks she likes? I’m guessing I just have to be ready for a slow trip. DH plans to be close by so that he can help with stops but I’m not confident he won’t just decide to go ahead.