We have a buyer for our house! As of last Monday, we have a contract and a settlement date of 6/17.

We don't have a house to move into yet (crossing our fingers like crazy we find something soon) and if we don't have a signed contract by 5/10 we won't be able to do a same day settlement. Our contingency plan is to move in with my parents during the gap in housing at most 3-4 weeks. LO will continue to go to her current daycare.

I've never done a big move like this before and I have no idea what i'm doing. We're already starting to pack our house but what I need to do regarding the other logistics. So bees that have moved help me out, what should i be doing?

- Calling and arranging movers - we'll be doing all the packing but we'll need help putting into trucks and moving - How soon do i need to call movers? Esp if we dont know where we're moving too
- how do i determine a good estimate for movers? what would be enough to cover a local move? what about storage?
- thoughts on pods? will i need 2? we have 1500sq ft house 3bds and a basement - no garage.
- mail forwarding, utilities, changing my address on all the things