We've decided to pivot from what work we were going to do on our house to make our 3 season room into more of a 4 season room so that we can create a sort of mud room area/drop zone for all of our stuff. Our garage currently walks right into our kitchen/tv room area and we don't have a good system for organizing our coats/shoes etc. so it's just chaos. And all of this craziness that's going on right now has made me want to prioritize this. So I talked to our contractor about what it would take and we're comfortable with the cost.

The one built in that he will need to do is create the mudroom "lockers" that I always see in pretty pinterest pictures but wanted to get all of your perspective on what would work best. It will be one big room that we will use for this drop zone purpose on one side but on the other side, we will have a dining table that we currently use when it's nice out (the room has a ton of windows) for meals as well as for parties. It's also the way we get to our back patio. In theory, I'd like to have doors on the lockers like in the picture to hide the mess but is that practical to think that my kids will take that actual step of opening and closing a door to make it look neat or are they more apt to just use the space if it's open? We need it to corral coats, backpacks, shoes etc.

Pinterest pictures are obviously so staged so want to see what things will be like in real life. Thoughts?