Just thought I'd share this, and I am curious to know if anyone else have mushroom allergy and other strange allergies? Do the kids ever outgrow them?

LO is 15 months and we are blessed that he is not allergy to *most* things... except mushrooms, exotic ones. And I just read somewhere that we were supposed to stay away from exotic mushrooms when the child is still young!

He had some reaction after eating shiitake mushrooms when he was 9 months or so. His face turns red after eating and I thought he was just hot. He was fine otherwise, no itching / crying at all. It got a lady at the restaurant so concerned and she had to come over and say something when she saw LO turned red! (Followed by my husband and I fought about it, which is a completely different topic at another time).

He is fine with cremini and white mushrooms and slowly I forgot about the shiitake incident. Then I bought some fancy asian mushrooms (the type where they appear in hot pots / shabu-shabu), stir-fried them, and mixed them in noodles. He ate it for 2 days and was completely fine, but on the 3rd day at lunch, hives broke out and he turned red on his face and behind his ears again. It freaked me out because daycare called! He was fine after he took a nap.

No more mushrooms for 2 years for us!