N has a terrible rash on his bottom and completely screams through diaper changes. We started to introduce whole cows milk into his diet on Tuesday in two ounce increments per bottle. He seemed ok Tuesday, but woke up in the middle of the night which isn't like him at all. He was shaking and in tears, we just thought it was a nightmare. We pulled into bed with us and he went back down. The rash seemed to not be getting worse so we just put a barrier on it to help it heal. Last night I put Benadryl cream on his bottom and it seemed better this morning. However after his morning bottom and cereal with WCM his rash got so much worse. I feel so bad about it. My mum cares for him while I am at work, so she knows what to look out for.

I just feel so bad that he has such an awful rash, what is worse is I felt in my gut that he would do poorly. However his doctor said we should at least try WCM. I should have just stood up for myself and for him. DH and I can not have cows milk. Since N went on formula he has been on Soy. They tried to make more feel worse about him continuing to be on soy formula.

I am sorry I know this is long and very rant like. I am just sad that his bottom look so awful. I know it has to hurt. (I feel like the worlds worst mommy)

#mommyguilt #dairyproblems #shouldhavefollowedmygut