So Scribble doesn't spit up a lot, only when he has eaten too much. Like back when I had oversupply issues.

He has slept through for the past few nights and I am super engorged when he wakes. He spit up after his morning nurse but I assumed it was because of my flow.

At lunch we had banana, applesauce, and yogurt. It's been about 1 week or a little longer since we introduced yogurt, the other two items had been introduced even longer ago. A little while after lunch we nursed, then he went down for a nap.

I went in to check up on him at his nap and he had spit up/vomited ALL OVER THE PLACE Felt so bad for him. Got him bathed, went on with the day. Dairy allergy possibly? It wasn't the first time he had yogurt....

Cue to this morning. I am, as usual, engorged. He eats, spits up.

What gives?