I know he’s testing us. I know occasionally letting him get away with it is a mistake. I’m mostly just looking for sympathy, although I really do welcome advice.

My three year old keeps changing his mind, and it’s making me insane. For example, bedtime. We read one book and then I asked him to pick a second. He said he didn’t want a second. “So you want to go right to bed?” “Yes.” “Ok. I’m going to ask you again. If you say no we will read another book. If you say yes you are going right to bed. You cannot change your mind. Do you want to go right to bed?” “Yes.” So I turned out the light and he burst into tears and wailed “NOOOOOO I want another boooook!!!”

That’s just a sample. He then went on to say he didn’t want hugs and kisses, but when I left without giving them he threw a tantrum. He said he didn’t want a nightlight but when I turned it off he flipped out. He’s currently crying because he said he didn’t want his water bottle and threw it out of the room and now he wants it back. I’m at my wits end, he is making me CRAZY.