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My baby is sick and I'm a mess

  1. blackbird

    wonderful grape / 20453 posts

    BEST NEWS ALL MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! Glad he is doing well!!!!

  2. T-Mom

    honeydew / 7488 posts

    So happy to hear this update! Wishing him continued improvement!

  3. rattles

    grapefruit / 4903 posts

    I'm so, so happy for you and your family! Keep fighting and healing, baby badger!

  4. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @Ms.Badger: is it weird that I'm tearing up for someone I don't know in real life?? I'm so happy for you all. How is everyone doing this morning?

  5. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    great update!!!

  6. hummusgirl

    persimmon / 1233 posts

    Hooray!! Sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way.

  7. calsmom

    persimmon / 1087 posts

    Fantastic news!!! Hugs to your little man. You all have been so strong.

  8. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    Yay glad to hear things seem to be on an upswing finally

  9. littlebug

    honeydew / 7504 posts

    Such fantastic news! Continuing to pray for your family.

  10. 2PeasinaPod

    pomelo / 5524 posts

    SO glad that everything went well for your little man!

  11. SwanSong

    cherry / 220 posts

    The husband and I have been praying hard for you and your little man. So happy that he is doing well and hoping and praying for continuous improvement

  12. MoonMoon

    pomegranate / 3393 posts

    SO happy and relieved! I couldn't wait until after work to check for updates, and I'm so glad I did. I hope your baby boy remains comfortable, heals quickly, and can be home where he belongs as soon as possible. Yay mama!

  13. erwoo

    pomegranate / 3053 posts

    Yay! So glad he got it so quickly and the surgery was a success! Hope all goes smoothly from here! *hugs!*

  14. Phillybaby2013

    kiwi / 520 posts

    Such a good update!!! I'm so glad the surgery was a success. I'll keep sending lots of prayers and support for a quick recovery.

  15. NurseMommy

    pear / 1812 posts

    So glad the surgery went well! Hoping recovery is fast and uncomplicated! Best wishes sent your way.

  16. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    Yeah for a successful surgery. So many hugs and prayers for your family.

  17. Mrs. Taco

    pear / 1639 posts

    x 100. So happy for you and your family! Hoping for a fast and easy recovery so you guys can have an amazing holiday season!

  18. babypugs

    persimmon / 1101 posts

    I'm so happy to hear that so went well. I've been praying hard for you and your family!

  19. Sadieloo

    kiwi / 726 posts

    Thrilled to hear all is going as well as it can. Keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers!

  20. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    I'm not really sure why I just now clicked on this thread.... but oh my goodness. So glad surgery went well. Praying for your son and your family.

  21. fussygal

    pomegranate / 3580 posts

    So glad to hear this wonderful update! Praying for a quick recovery for your little man.


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