Yep, we had to fit everything in a one gallon bag! Here are the details:

1. Jellycat Bashful Dragon. We wanted to include a "lovey" that hopefully Nugget can bring back on the plane with him. We chose a dragon because he was born in 2012, the year of the dragon. His body is so soft, and his horn, ears and tail are like suede. Jellycats are awesome! We slept with this little guy for two nights to get our smell on him.

2. Where's the Baby? We wanted a small book that would fit in the gallon bag. It's very basic -- just little pages that say "where's the baby?" and then you flip them open, and there's the baby! Very cute.

3. Photo Book. This is a popular choice for adoptive parents. It holds 6 pictures + a wallet sized photo in the front. We just cut a picture of us that was from a little farther away. We put in pictures of us and labeled them "Mommy and Daddy" and pictures of the cats.

4. B. Hellophone. The price really fluctuates by color on this thing. You should really only pay like $12. The price on my color doubled after I bought it. I think this is also available at Target. It says that you can record your voice, but you can only do that on one button, fair warning. It was fine for us. We recorded "Annyeong, [Son's Name]!" The rest of the buttons make cute little noises. We included the instructions, and wrote on them that we recorded a message.

5. A little outfit. The shirt and socks are from Janie and Jack, the pants are from The Children's Place, and we also included a little t-shirt that was a crane putting in a lightbulb. I couldn't find a picture of it, but it was from the Gap and it was my mom's contribution. We bought everything in 18-24 months, although that may be a little big for our guy. His most recent measurements are from April, and we're not sure when he's going to get this package.

We also included a card for foster mom, which is not only allowed, but encouraged. I wasn't sure what to write in order to express how thankful I was to her. I thanked her for taking care of little Nugget and said that he looks healthy, happy, and much loved. I said that we can't wait to meet him and his loving family, and that we love him already and think about him always.