Problem child #1:
A few weeks ago, 3yo DS was sleeping well overnight. Maybe going to bed a bit late, but sleeping solidly and waking up at 8ish consistently. Then he figured out that he could stay up playing with toys after we laid him down. We had almost a week of laying him down and him playing in his room till nearly 11 before crashing. We kept moving his bedtime earlier to compensate. Now he's going to bed at 8:30, playing for maybe half an hour and going to sleep.

BUT now he's waking up multiple times overnight whining. He really wants us to cuddle and sleep with him but he's just too fidgety for that and I don't think it is a good idea.

This morning he woke up at 5:30 wanting 'TV' and I told him he had to wait till the sun came up around 7. He kept escalating his whining until he woke the baby up through her white noise

Problem child #2:
11mo DD goes down just fine around 8 by herself. She wakes up between 11:30-1 to eat once, then again around 5. I didn't think she was really hungry, but she gets quite mad if I lay her down before she gets both sides. As a result, she cannot tolerate DH going in to get her

If it was just her, I'd be fine, but in combination with DS, I'm only getting one 2-3 hour block a night and I just can't do this anymore.

What am I doing wrong? Have the planets just aligned terribly? Have they been replaced/possessed? IS THIS KARMA?!?