About a week ago I posted a question about changing formulas for spit up reasons rather than for reflux reasons. LO was never in pain or uncomfortable, but would spit up all.day.long. I felt so badly for her, which is why I contemplated a new formula. LO was on Similac Advance, the ready to feed kind, and I saw that Similac made a special formula for Spit-Up. After a long internal debate I phoned my pediatricians office, who encouraged me to give it a try and to check in with any concerns.

We are five days in and I have to tell you it has been FANTASTIC! She spits up about 10% of the amount she used to and, as an added bonus, she started sleeping through the night almost immediately. The formula has some added rice starch so it has her a little bit constipated, but her body seems to be adjusting there as well.

I thought I would share my story in case there were other moms out there with LO's like mine and were afraid to give switching formulas a try. Obviously everything should be discussed with your pediatrician but I am so glad I took the chance!