She's so funny, she called me midday and said she was in a lot of pain and asked if she should stop working this week instead of next as planned (she's 37 weeks with her second). I said stop now and go get checked.

She said she'd go to the bathroom and if it didn't hirt, she'd stay the rest of the day. She was leading a meeting at 4 and didn't want to miss it. I told her to cancel now, but she didnt.

Eventually she changed her mind and cancelled and went home. Contractions were 5-7 mins but she wS sure they'd stop.

I was getting a massage and got a text and call back to back. I had to stop in the middle to check it and Lo and behold water had broken and she was heading to hospital.

She's still there, not much news yet, but I'm so excited to have my first niece!!!!