My second was born 5/13 at 705. I woke up that morning with contractions more painful than what I had been having but spaced like 10-40 min apart, figured maybe start to early labor and tried to ignore them. Sent my husband to work and my 3 year old to school (my mom is here so I wasn't alone)
Went to my midwife appt at 130. Got a sweep. Was 2cm and "decently" effaced. Stopped at my favorite coffee shop to make myself feel better. Had 2 wicked contractions while I was there.
Headed home. Wandered around the house, having contractions but didn't really feel like I should time them yet. Put my doula on standby. Looking at my contraction timer I had 2 5 min apart at 4 o'clock so that's likely when active labor started then there's a gap while I worked through them.
Told my doula I wanted her to wait until bedtime for my 3 year old so I didn't upset her more with her coming over.
Called my husband at 445 and said you should come home. He of course hit every light and didn't get home until 515. Had like 3 contractions, told him to call Willow, he spoke to the midwife on call, she said meet her there at 615.

I thought I was dying on the 20 min drive over and started getting worried we were going to have a baby in the car (mind you I was 2cm less than 4 hours ago so I figured I was being paranoid)

We got to the birth center at 615 on the dot. Had 4-5 contractions in the triage room. Emily managed to check me, said we're for sure admitting you but do you want to walk around a bit first? You're moving along but he's not that low yet. Scott and my doula grab my stuff and i have to stop in the living room to have 2 contractions, decide they've passed, take 2 steps towards the stairs and I'm like nevermind mumble incoherently and head for my room. Collapse leaned against the bed, have a massive contraction. Fall to my knees after and am internally freaking out because I feel pushy, how am I going to make it through any amount of time like this? (I think this was likely about 20 min but my mind has already compacted it)

I manage to smile at my husband a couple times while I try and breathe through these massive contractions. I'm finally pushing involuntarily and I ask Emily in a lucid moment "is it ok that I'm pushing?" She just tells me to follow my body. Next contraction I feel my water break.

Finally at this point they put me in the tub, we've been waiting all this time for it to fill. I start out kneeling and I can feel baby making his way out. Kneeling feels horrible because I have to sit back on my heels to keep my vagina in the water. This was the only contraction that I felt totally out of control and let out a shriek. I did pretty well the rest of the time keeping my noises low and breathing. I ask if I can move and roll to my back.

With the next contraction I can feel intense pressure everywhere. At this point I think in my head, nevermind I want an epi! I reach down with my hand and feel his head. Yell "oh my God his head is right there!" And get down to pushing. Crown him, think no fucking way is his head going to fit, wait for the next contraction and push him out slowly (may have taken 2 contractions, I just remember trying to pant and go slow because I didn't want to tear.) His head comes out and I wait again. His shoulders took some serious effort to push out too (this I was mad about 😂)

And then he was here! At 705, about 3 hours of active labor. Screamed from the moment they put him on my chest. He is adorable and I can't stop staring at him.

So I guess I was about 5 cm when Emily checked me but basically fully effaced. So went from 2-5 in about 4 hours and then 5- full in an hour. It was super intense and I'm a bit shocky but so so glad that I planned for a med free birth. I mostly just feel incredibly empowered and so in awe of what I did. I can imagine that it would have been pretty scary if I had been counting on meds

I had a 17 hour labor with my daughter so the precipitous birth was really unexpected. Glad we aren't having any more as we'd likely have to have a home birth 😂

For anyone who made it to the end of my 3am birth high writing I take my hat off to you.