Today my son's 1st grade teacher emailed me to let me know that a 2nd grader lost his temper at recess and started hitting, punching, and kicking boys in his class. My son was pushed down on the cement and punched and kicked in the face. My son wasn't particularly upset about it. His nose is red and he mentioned once while we were discussing it that maybe his eye hurts but he's acting fine and seemed fine about the whole thing when we discussed it. School is dealing with the 2nd grader.

One thing my son said to me that's replaying in my head is "I didn't hit back, my teacher is my weapon." I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it's kind of genius. We've been working all summer on making sure he doesn't 'hit back' when his sister says something sassy. And just this morning he got in trouble for shoving me in the back for not driving him to school (we always walk!). So I'm glad he didn't hit. But on the other hand it sounds like he got trounced pretty hard. I'm shocked my very physical son just laid there and took it, fully believing his teachers wrath was the best defense. Does self defense play zero role?