We moved across the country this summer to get our kids back to family so they could grow up with their grandparents. We bought a house here when we put our old house on the market and then the market in our old area tanked. We had it off the market for a month since we had 6 months without an offer and then went to relist it and discovered we had a break in (our realtor did anyhow). We had a minor one back in the fall but this one is big. Window broken, place trashed, etc.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant with #3 and I just can't take this. This move has been so financially devastating. We moved from LCOL to HCOL and we really needed re-listing this house to go smoothly (we planned to drop the price a lot and just get it sold) and now it's a disaster. And organizing this all from across the country is terrible.

I just keep feeling like we've made such a big mistake and we conceived #3 so much faster than we thought and so I feel like we're really messing up bringing another kid into this world when we are not prepared, we can't afford another childcare payment, bigger car or another 529 plan. I am super financially responsible and this kills me. Our finances were SO much better before we moved. We have this very needed vacation next week, but now I wish we had travel insurance and could cancel it and save the money. If we have to pay taxes this year (which I just can't tell with the laws changing and we had so much going on last year) we will be toast.

I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel! Help!