You ladies always give sound advice. Maybe you can help.

My husband sister was getting rid of a cat she has had since he was a baby. He is 4 and his name is Chase. They got a new kitten last year and she didnt want Chase anymore cause he was hissing at the younger cat. She wanted to take him to a shelter. Unfortunately all shelters here put down animals. My husband was so upset and was afraid he would be put down cause people here only want kittens.
Well we have two little kids, two cats and two dogs. We made sure to set up a second litter box. He is fine with the cats and kids but the dogs he is terrified of and growls at. He refused to come out when the dogs are inside. We have a crappy fence and our dogs try to get out a lot so we only let them out to pee. We do not want to get rid of him cause the shelter will put him down and he is a sweet cat but he has peed behind our couch a few times cause he wont come out. I want to keep him but I dont want a couch that smells like cat pee. We are getting a "new"couch and I dont want that one smelling like pee too. Any tips. The litter box is in the bathroom close to the couch. He will go if the dogs are outside. I just want him to come out and get used to everything more.