My partner and I have been ttc for 4 months we've never used protection and ive never been on birth control, I have an app that tells me when I ovulate etc not sure if its even acurate but I have sex on the days it says im fertile/ovulate. My partner has low sperm countx would it make it twice as hard for me to become pregnant? What can we do to help us conceive? Im new to all this so bare with me

On another note: Last month (May) i got af from the 5th-7th i did what i had too with my partner on the week i ovulate etc. I had what i thought was preg symptoms which included nausea, fatigue, headache, cold like symptoms that only lasted 7 days, pain on the left side front/back, bloating, abdominal cramps, moodiness, my breast hurt (which they never do not even when i have af) had pain in the middle of my tummy. Took a hpt on 11dpo, 13dpo, 16dpo and 18dpo all were negative. Whats strange is after my period at the start of the month it came back again 2 weeks later on the 26th-29th of May a week and days before af was originally due. Its never happened to me before and im not sure why it happened.