Looking for suggestions for picture books with more "boyish" or at least gender-neutral themes. I have three little girls, ages almost 4, 6, and 8 (the older two read on their own, but still really love hearing picture books/reading them to each other)....and as you can imagine, a lot of our book collection is centered around unicorns, princesses, dollies kittens, puppies, etc. I love these stories, as do they, but am looking to branch out a little bit.

We'd love to read more about monsters, dragons, rockets.....but right now our library is closed and we have to make specific hold requests online, so it's hard to just browse without having a few specific titles to use as a starting point.

They LOVE "Creepy Carrots", "A Creepy Pair of Underwear", "Wolfie the Bunny", the "Pig the Pug" series...I'd like to find more things like this (ie, a little bit of silly is great). Thanks in advance!