Did anyone voluntarily choose not to breastfeed the second time around?

With LO #1, I had supply issues from the very beginning. We did make it to one year of breastfeeding, but we always had to supplement. She stopped nursing at 8 months, so I pumped full-time to supply her with half of her calorie needs. I also worked full-time, so all of the labor involved in hauling milk and pump parts all over the place was also going on.

My memories of breastfeeding fill me with dread to this very day (and my LO #1 is six and a half). The entire process was really unpleasant, contributed to my PPD, and actually served to get in the way of our bonding, instead of bringing us close together. I remember being a slave to the pump and having to leave her alone in a bouncy swing or with someone else to make sure I was pumping enough. Anytime we nursed, it was never like a sweet moment. We had to be in some kind of awkward football hold with breast compressions and anytime we weren't nursing, I had to pump to build up my supply. I got zero time to just enjoy her. There were clogged ducts and mastitis thrown in there as well.

So, all of that to say, I know all babies are different, but I really want to just not even bother with it at all this time with baby #2, from the very beginning. I feel like I completely missed the tiny baby stage because breasfeeding/pumping took over my whole life. I couldn't enjoy any part of it. It doesn't seem worth it, even though I know all of the reasons its important to breastfeed.

This time around, I'll actually be staying home full-time, so I know there is an opportunity to really get a better head start with nursing and keep it going with no interruptions, but I am also terrified to think of being a SAHM and having to deal with all the nursing problems alone, all day sounds like the recipe for more PPD.

Did anyone voluntarily choose to just not try breasfeeding at all? I feel like if I try for a few weeks and quit, that will be even worse than just not doing it at all from the very beginning. I don't want to miss that time with the baby b/c I'm pumping or stressed about pumping or having supply issues. I just want to bond with my baby and just take breastfeeding off the table.

Has anyone else done this?