For literally the first time in 2 months, G won't go to bed drowsy but awake. Hiss and boo at me all you want, but I got kind of used to um, not having to do anything... I nurse her to drowsy, she lays down, and 5-10 mins later she's asleep! Occasionally she'll make noise or fuss, but *never* crying. she was hysterical. As soon as she hit the crib she was full on crying crocodile tears. I've checked for snags, loose threads, things hitting her weird, and can't find anything. She doesn't want to sleep.

HELP?! Laugh all you want but honestly, I don't know what to do.. every time I walk towards the door she screams hysterically. I've tried feeding her, leaving an extra light on, shushing and patting her, and carrying her around for a bit. Going on 30 mins of a very unhappy baby... SOS!