My youngest is nearly 10 months and just started at daycare a few weeks ago. He will NOT take a bottle and refuses to drink any milk all day. He’s there about 8.5 hours. My other two started at daycare at three months, so although both of them rejected the bottle a bit at first, it was nothing like this. He’s reverse cycling and drinking much more at home and at night, so I’m not worried about him getting enough milk, but I know he’s hungry at daycare. He’s not eating much real food there either, which I think is making his provider a little nervous. I’ve assured her he eats plenty at home, and I think honestly most of it is that he’s just not totally comfortable yet. Still, I’d like to help him (and her) as much as possible, so I’m starting him with straw sippy cups this week to help, but wondered if anyone else had any suggestions. I’m guessing this might just be something we need to wait out, but I feel bad for the little guy.

I should edit to add that he was taking bottles this summer, which is why I wonder if this is more a comfort thing than anything else.