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Omg, my baby is 11 weeks old and this just happened

  1. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @LAZB: looks darker, but still light...
    Will your doc do betas?

  2. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @BandDmommy: I think so, kind of hard to compare because the other two are dry

  3. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @travellingbee: yes, I'm going to call in when they open

  4. travelgirl1

    cantaloupe / 6630 posts

    @LAZB: I have all my fingers crossed for you

  5. CRGmama

    apricot / 324 posts

    Thinking of you!

  6. Keybee

    kiwi / 735 posts

    How fun! Congrats!

  7. MrsKoala

    cantaloupe / 6869 posts

    Could still be really early! Everything crossed for you!

  8. mfa_lady

    pomegranate / 3921 posts

    Today's looks darker to me, but I know it's tough to tell until it dries. Praying for the best possible outcome for you!

  9. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @LAZB: hoping everything works out for you!

  10. LovelyPlum

    eggplant / 11408 posts

    Fingers crossed for you, lady.

  11. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    Did you get a hold of the doctor?

  12. ValentineMommy

    pomelo / 5791 posts

    Today's looks darker to me.

    That being said, how many dpo are you? My tests stayed light for a lot longer than I thought they would. I didn't get a really dark test until 18dpo and I'm 26w now with a healthy baby boy.

    Hoping everything turns out for you!!

  13. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @travellingbee: had betas done this morning, should hear back in a couple hours
    @ValentineMommy: no idea how many dpi I am, I never had my period after birth. I'd guess 12-14 dpo though.
    Thanks for the well wishes everyone, I'll update when I hear!

  14. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    @LAZB: I have my fingers crossed for you.

  15. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @LAZB: Oh I am crossing my fingers for you!

  16. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    Just talked to the nurse and it's negative. She said that maybe because I'm still breastfeeding? That doesn't make sense to me, but I don't know. She said hcg was 2.2 and progesterone was 0.

  17. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    I don't understand how that's possible, the tests had lines and they were not all from the same batch

  18. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @LAZB: it could be that your hcg got just high enough to register and then started dropping. I can't remember my numbers for my betas for my chemical but the first was low and the second was a lot lower I'm so sorry. What a rollercoaster.

  19. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: thanks. It's ok, the nurse was just acting like the tests were not accurate, like I was never actually pregnant. Which is fine, but upsetting and weird. I got the darkest line today right before the bloodwork, so I don't get it.

  20. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    @LAZB: I've had this happen to me 3 times since I've given birth. EBF keeps causing me to have chemical pregnancies. I'm sorry.

  21. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    I'm so sorry.

  22. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @LAZB: oh my gosh how weird!! I'm so sorry!

  23. Mrs. Lemon-Lime

    wonderful pea / 17279 posts


  24. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @BandDmommy: the nurse was acting like it wasn't even a chemical pregnancy. Like it must have been false positives on the frers.

  25. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    So sorry to hear that!

  26. GreenThumb

    pear / 1986 posts

    @LAZB: Sorry to hear these results!

  27. BabyBoecksMom

    GOLD / papaya / 10166 posts

    I'm so sorry to hear this. What a rush of emotions

  28. autumnlove

    hostess / wonderful watermelon / 39513 posts

    @LAZB: I am so sorry.

  29. travelgirl1

    cantaloupe / 6630 posts

    @LAZB: I'm so sorry

  30. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    I am so sorry.

  31. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    @LAZB: I'm so sorry, that's exactly how the nurse on the call-line treated my CP when I called it in. Like it was a false positive.

  32. turquoisemama

    persimmon / 1481 posts

    @LAZB: That sucks, I'm sorry she wasn't more sensitive.

  33. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @LAZB: that's really upsetting that the nurse basically totally brushed you off. How were so many FRERs showing false positives?! That's really insensitive of her. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this

  34. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    Thanks y'all, I just don't know what to think. Maybe I wasn't pregnant? Google is not helping me, I can't really find any concrete information. I feel silly for getting so excited

  35. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    @LAZB: I am sorry Must be so hard to get excited and then for it to end and now for nurse to tell you you weren't even pregnant...

  36. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @LAZB: did you test again this morning? I'm really sorry that it got your hopes up...

  37. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @travellingbee: no, the nurse said to stop testing, so I didn't take another one. I might take one on Friday just to see. If it's negative or the same as yesterday, I'll know that it's either not a viable pregnancy or not a pregnancy at all.


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