Hello all!
I'm still relatively new to charting and using OPKs and since my cycles have been very long and crazy since going off the pill I feel like I need all the help I can get.

Some background:
I went off the pill in August and am only on my 3rd cycle since then. First was 42 days with crazy temps and no ovulation. Second was 67 days and I *think* I may have ovulated around CD55 because I had a temp spike then drop then spike again and a period two weeks later. I also thought I saw EWCM the day before the first temp spile. Both cycles I only had a two day very light period. Nothing compared to my periods before (both on the pill and off).

Now I've been trying to use cheapy OPKs to figure out when and if I'm ovulating at all, but I haven't had much success because of my crazy cycles. So far every OPK I've used the test line has been SUPER faint or non-existent. However 3 days ago I got one that was almost as dark as the control. I immediately thought "finally! I'm going to get a positive one soon!"

Anyway since then they've gone back to faint, and I haven't had a temp spike or noticed any CM. Anybody have any advice?

In the photo the strips are as follows:
Jan 3 (CD19)- FMU (I know you're not supposed to but I was curious)
Jan 2 (CD18) - 6pm after a 3 hour hold but still not super concentrated urine
Jan 1 (CD17)- 8pm with super concentrated urine because I was really hungover from NYE!