This has always been a question mark for me as I organize my photos on my computer. Can anyone help with a good organization and labeling method?

-I have computer folders labeled "1 week old", "1 month old", "2 months" etc. But what about the time between 1 week and 1 month? How do you organize this time period?

-Do you label your photos 1 month and put photos of them AFTER they turn 1 month old? (For example, if your LO was born Jan 1, do you wait until Feb 1 to consider him/her 1 month old.) Or Do you put the photos of them from 0-1 month old - making it "Month 1"? and so making the time period of Month 1-2, "Month 2" and so on and so forth.

-How long do you label monthly photos? 2 years, 3 years? Then what.

Help? I'm drowning in mislabeled photos.