Hi all! Looking for stories about other mamas with kids in OT or who are working through sensory processing issues!

We just had our in-person evaluation with our OT today (she was great!) and we're going to move ahead to do weekly OT sessions for motor planning, sensory, fine motor issues for our almost 4 year old son.

They mentioned motor-planning when we did the first phone session, and it seems to make more sense now. Some of the sensory stuff they brought up I hadn't connected before. And some fine motor he's fine with, but he can't really draw very well - cant draw a person yet.... Also, he can be very rough, aggressively close doors, or roughly hug or tackle, etc... he also rubs his eyes/nose/face a lot which they noticed and i guess i never really connected before.

Anyone have good/bad/whatever stories to share about their OT experiences???