I work for a non-profit that runs 2 daycare locations (one of many community services we provide). I love our daycare. I actually took a big pay cut to move to this state and the daycare discount was a big incentive. My son has been there for over a year and he’ll be in Kinder next fall. He’s absolutely thriving academically there.

Today I found out that my employer has decided to sell the daycare locations to a local franchise. They promised we’ll keep our discount but the tuition may well go up. The teachers that I work with and who care for my only kiddo will no longer be my coworkers. I’m so beyond sad about this.

To top it all off, I work closely with many in upper management who chose to keep this secret from all of us parents. I feel like my support system in the community just dropped out from under me. I have a huge problem with trusting anything upper management does now. I’m so pissed. Thanks for listening.