Today we met with GI at the children's hospital for N. Overall it was a wonderful visit. His GI doctor is a wonderful lady. We discussed all of his issues and my concerns. She looked over N and said that overall he looks very healthy (largely due to fact that I am diligent with his diet), but said she understood my concerns.
She ordered celiac genetic testing, stool studies (can I just say YUCK), Upper/ Lower scope, and something about testing for acid reflux. They will be calling tomorrow to schedule the scopes.

We did go ahead and get the labs drawn for the Celiac genetics test. It was AWFUL! He had to be stuck twice. The first stick there was no flash of blood and he just screamed and begged to be done. The second stick was fast and at least it was only one tube of blood. I guess I got pale, the lab person kept asking if I was ok. We should get the results in about a week.

Is it bed time yet? This momma is exhausted.