Hi all! It’s looking like distance learning is sticking around through at least the rest of the year (if not longer) in my school district. We’re in an area with mild weather so as long as it’s not raining, the kids are happy to play outside, so I’m looking for play equipment that works for a 3 and 5 year old. Our current backyard has a decent sized cement back patio which leads out to a down slopped yard, so large play structures don’t really work in our yard as there’s no place to anchor them.

Also, we’re currently in a rented house while we figure out whether we’re staying in our (very expensive) city long term or moving elsewhere, so play equipment that is easy to move is preferable.

We currently have a small playhouse (some Little Times cottage) that the kids are getting too tall for, so I was thinking maybe a larger playhouse? Is there one you all recommend?

Anything else your kids have loved in terms of play equipment (indoor or outdoor)?