So I'm dreaming about doing a mini pro photo session with my kids sometime next month when we move to Phase 2, to try and capture my last baby before he's not a baby anymore! He's already 9 months (cue the sobs). I'm stumped on what clothes to pick. My older two are girls and I've gotten good at the dress coordinating thing. But a boy? No idea! I want him to still look like a baby, so ideally more of a romper type outfit, though my husband thinks babies in suits are adorable. We live in the Pacific Northwest, and wanted outdoor foresty type photos. I'm imagining like hipster-PNW-outdoorsy kid photos. Help me channel my pandemic angst with some online shopping! What outfits or stores should I look at? Ideas? 5.5 and 3 year old girls, and then will be 10 mo old (very chunky) boy. Thanks!