I had a conversation/argument with a friend recently over Justin Bieber lyrics.

It was about Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

In the song there is a part that goes

“My mama don't like you and she likes everyone”

This is not my DH … he thinks we are being silly for even wasting *any* energy discussing this!

My friend’s argument (a guy) – It means that since his mom didn’t like her, he should have taken it as sign that he shouldn’t have dated her. Meaning that any girl his mom disapproves of should not be someone he dates.

My argument – I think that this is one of those piled on reasons you give when you break up with someone and this was one of the things he wanted to pile on to the reasons he broke up with the girl this song is about. I don’t think that just because your mom doesn’t like someone (even if she likes almost everyone) means you shouldn’t date them. Liking someone can grow on you and also I think moms in general are protective of their sons, so they might not like the girlfriends right away.

Who do you agree with?