Hi guys,

Sorry in advanced for the super lengthy post. I just had DD a week and half ago via c-section and everything went great! I was able to breastfeed right away and my milk came in right on day three when we were able to leave the hospital. Transitioning at home with my 3 year old DS was SO much harder then we were anticipating. He has been super difficult but each day seems to get a tiny bit better. We had to have my mom come stay with us these last two weeks to help with him so that I could continue to breastfeed etc. Breastfeeding is going well so far however I am a bit embarrassed to say I don’t love it. I think a lot of that stems from the fact that I have to return to work at our family business on June 1st. Some anxiety also comes from past thoughts of when I tried breastfeeding with my son but we didn’t make it because of nursing sessions lasting hours and PPD baby blues on my part. I pumped for a few weeks with him but gave that up to and went to formula because it was just way too much since I don’t get to stay home. I’d really like to do combo feeding if my body allows it meaning just feeding her in the early morning before work and at night and doing formula during the day. I am feeling a bit of mom guilt again even though I promised myself I wouldn’t this time around after beating myself up so badly with my DS when we didn’t succeed with it. I feel like this would fit best with our lives because of work and because I truly feel totally tied down not being able to help with my son at all. I feel like walking pacifier which just won’t work at my job. Pumping exclusively is also not an option! I truly hate pumping and overproduction was just such an issue last time I don’t want to deal with it and deal with going back to work full time. Any advice would be truly helpful and wanted! The mom guilt is slowly starting to creep back in and making me feel pretty terrible.