If you were overdue, when did your doctor recommend induction? Did you follow their guidance or push to wait longer?

I'm 40w4d today and my dr is strongly recommending for 2nd babies inducing at 41 weeks though I can wait until 42. Everything looked fine at my bpp/nst 2 days ago-- babe is measuring 7lbs4oz so not a giant or anything. Fluid is good which is my big concern--for lo1 I was induced at 37.5 weeks for that. I really wanted to birth this baby with as few interventions as possible... but I also have been induced before and know my body can handle it fine, which was always my concern about avoiding interventions the first time around, and I'm fine with it for medical purposes. I really trust my dr but I'm torn about this! I'm not super uncomfortable yet aside from super itchy skin all over (ruled out cholestasis though)

ETA my due date is based on lmp but I think I ovulated a bit late-- I didn't do opks but didn't get a bfp until cd 31 after getting bfns earlier, plus at my early scans she was measuring with a due date closer to this Sunday. Crazy how unconcerned drs are about precise due dates until you pass the arbitrary one they set!