We are really trying to use cloth as much as possible with T. He is 7 months old and so far I haven't found a reliable nighttime diaper solution. He wakes once for a bottle but stays really drowsy. Unless we change him. At which point he fully wakes and SCREAMS. He hates being woken up. So I'd really like to find something that would last through the night. We would all get better sleep.

During the day we are using Thirsties Duo Wraps with GMD prefolds. I have Thirsties hemp inserts that I add for night time but half the time he still leaks out the tummy (tummy sleeper). I'm not sure if its an absorbancy problem or not, it seems like maybe the hemp is too slow to absorb so more urine runs out the top than soaks into the back of the diaper.

I ordered some bamboo charcoal fleece inserts with gussets and will try those tomorrow night. I also want to try a wool cover. I don't like how stiff the hemp inserts are.

So...for all of you experienced cloth diaperers, what worked for you? I thought about trying a flip cover and tucking the prefolds and inserts into the flap so the urine can't escape as easily. Any other ideas?