Ok ladies! I need someone to dumb down a few things for me!

I use the OVIA app and used the digital clear blue OPK.

This month, my cycle was 11/1-11/5 and I got a peak reading on OPK on 11/12 and a peak reading on 11/13. We BD on 11/10 and 11/12. We attempted again on 11/14 but weren’t successful (my husband couldn’t finish).

So here’s my questions:
1. Am I out this month?
2. What are the chances I could get a +POAS test before actually missing my period?
3. If my cycle is 30 days, and I get the same results on OPK next month, when is ideal to BD (keeping in mind my husband can’t finish if there isn’t some time in between—so every other day is possible but not always successful so every 3 days is more ideal)

I’ve googled myself into insanity during this TTW.

We have a 16 MO old but she was a surprise (after years of being told I’d probably never have kids) so I wasn’t tracking or anything with her!

I may have more questions as you comment but I just need some basics right now.

Thanks so much!!