Hi all, so I'm new to this blog-posting world, and am just wanting to see if there are any success stories out there that might be similar to my situation? At times, my husband and I get very discouraged, and I know that it could be a long time before we are successful, but just want to see how you all handled it, and if you have success?

Our situation: I have PCOS- have probably only had three non-stimulated ovulation cycles in my adult lifetime, otherwise placed on birth control pills or hormones to simulate. We have been TTC for 1.5 years now, and on fertility treatments for the last few months.
- Despite my PCOS, my hormones are quite normal- all within range, and by blood tests show that the eggs should be of "good quality" (RD's statement, not mine!). The DH blood work and sperm analysis was all normal and good counts, so no problems there.

-My first IUI cycle was cancelled as I was on clomid 100mg for CD 3-7, and only elicited a 12mm follicle on CD 12, and on CD 15, it had not grown at all, and my estrogen had plateaued.
- My RD wants us to do another IUI cycle but with 12-day FolliStim injections, followed by Pregnyl HCG trigger, and then progesterone suppositories after the IUI.

Since this an expensive process basically not covered by our insurance we are waiting until Jan 2015 to do this next step.

Any words of advice/courage/etc for anyone who had a failed clomid trial (prior to the IUI), and success with injectables?

We are just hoping and praying that soon we can have a bundle of joy too!