This is a two part question:
1. Has anyone done immunotherapy (allergy shots/desensitization) for car or dog dander? I’m allergic to both. I’m a big cat person but in college developed asthma when I had a cat living in the house and had to give it to a coworker. I’m toying with the idea of getting desensitized but am wondering if it’s worth it. Daily shots for a week, then weekly shots for like 7 months than monthly shots to bring everything to a total of 5-6 years. And there’s likely a $20 copay so it costs a bunch. I did allergy shots for bees because I was severely allergic but I was a kid and they let my parents, who are nurses, give the shots at home so we didn’t have copays or office visits.

2. Any recommendations for non furry pets? I like pets for the cuddle factor but maybe my kids would like a lizard or something. Fish are out—been there done that and the kids have no interest. If we had a barn I’d do a barn cat because we know a lot of people who have barns and barn cats but our garage just wouldn’t cut it.