I have not, until this moment, generally felt more overwhelmed having three kids than two (I mean, I’m often overwhelmed, it’s just never been because of the number).

But this week I’m parenting solo and my normal help (my parents) are out of town. On Wednesday, all three of my kids have different activities on different sides of town (some starting/ending at the exact same time) between 430 and 7. I will obviously have to feed the kids all at different times, so even picking up fast food would be tricky. So I’m looking for suggestions for make-ahead, picnic-style, non-messy (since at least some of them will be eating in the car) foods that aren’t just sandwiches (which they get in their lunches every day). We also have a similar situation Monday.

First world problems, but I’m sure this will only happen more frequently as they get older, so I’d love to have options!