This discussion will be more for kids who has started school.

My DS is now in 1st grade. We started doing one-on-one play dates with his friends from school since last year which I barely know their moms. I am curious to know how you roll, and what is the "etiquette" if there is any!

- How often do you do a playdate with LO's friends from school?

- Do you let the other parent pick up, or do you drop off, or do you stay for a little while?

- Do you end up making friends with some of these parents that you didn't know to begin with? And do you end up doing things outside of the house with the kids and the moms together?

- Do you do a "playdate swap", where you host once and the other parent host once?

- Do you get approached usually or do you approach other people for playdates?

- Any other etiquette / things-to-know / funny / memorable / special things that happened?

Thanks! I'll share below in the comments.