DS (6 yo) has been asking to have a play date with a specific classmate repeatedly these few days. They decided all the details, that they are going to come to our house, and his friend has already asked his mom and his mom said yes. Gosh these kindergarteners.

Here is my dilemma: I barely know which child he is talking about and I don’t know their parents (I met his mom 1-2 times briefly, and unfortunately we don’t seem to have much to talk about). We dont have a big yard like most of DS’s friends does, and it makes me a bit self conscious. I know they have 3 kids. We only have one boy and they have 2 older girls and one boy (DS’s friend). We have no toys that a girl maybe interested in. We do have a ton of Legos and a pretty decent playroom. And we have some board games.

If we were to invite them over, what would you suggest we should do? Do we make lunch? Or dinner? That would be really stressful for Us as then I have to figure out their dietary restrictions and what do they like to eat...etc. Or should it be strictly a few hours of play time in the afternoon and kick them out? 😅 Or do I only invite the mom and my son’s friend (it seems a bit mean)? Any other tips? Since I barely know them I don’t imagine I can offer for them to drop their DS off.

I didn’t grow up in the US, and my mom never made play dates for me with my friends that she didn’t already know so this is very new to me. Have you hosted a play date with “strangers” and what did you guys do, and how did it go? Or if you think you have ideas to go out it will be great too, just that they have already decided they want to come to my house Any tips or experience share is very welcomed. Thank you so much in advance!