Hi everyone,

I'm a fairly regular poster (probably not that well known, ha!) but am going incognito to talk about this here.

I already have a toddler and have been TTC on and off for the last year. Had an early MC near the end of last year and recently went through a suspected ectopic pregnancy. Have to wait until the end of November to TTC again. Haven't had any testing yet to diagnose potential causes for these 2 losses, but I think that's the next step. Also haven't been officially diagnosed with secondary IF, but I'm calling it that because of the 2 back-to-back unsuccessful pregnancies.

At this point I'm sad that conceiving #2 just hasn't been working, and it's hard for me to be around pregnant women or ones with newborns. They're everywhere we go: park, restaurants, library, Target, mall, etc. They're even at the lab where I had around 10 blood tests for the suspected ectopic.

How do you handle daily life while feeling like you are surrounded by women with successful pregnancies? Tips or tricks for me?

Thanks in advance.