DH & I will officially be at our 3rd year trying for our blessing #3 with "unexplained secondary infertility" ... which NOW appears to be due to my ovulating immature ovum (after having had a fully monitored cycle this past month).

If we do not conceive naturally this cycle, I will be placed on injectables 💉 (Follistim with Ovidrel trigger) for at least 2 intercourse cycles before we move on to IUI. I have read up on Follistim extensively (pamphlets, studies, web sites, paperwork from the RE's office etc), however, I would like to hear of some REAL experiences from women who have used Follistim.

My inquiries:
• What was your experience? - Was it used for infertility, PCOS, maturing eggs, or as a standard part of your ART?
• Worst side effects?
• Weight gain or water weight?
• Was it effective for you? If so, how many cycles before you conceived? If not, what was resultant and did you change medication?

To anyone who replies - thank you so very much for taking the time to respond.